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    "Mission: Impossible was engaging and challenging. It really forced the team to think through each task. The benefits were improved team work, bonding and learning how to communicate effectively and also efficiently. One big take away is that no matter how daunting the task you need to keep going and stay positive and work through it. I was very proud of the group that I was with as they exemplified this."



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    Dining In The Dark

    A dramatic environment helps make training memorable!

    Currently #3 most requested corporate entertainment event in Vancouver

    Close your eyes and imagine an incredible, gourmet meal and one of a kind dining experience. Now keep your eyes closed. Dining in the Dark takes a standard group meal to a whole new level... a dramatic dining adventure if you dare!

    Dining in the Dark is one of the highest impact entertainment events we offer. So if you’re a little adventurous and willing to step out of the ordinary to experience the extraordinary, watch the video below and see if Dining in the Dark is right for you!

    “Many thanks for the great Dining in the Dark event at our offsite meeting! The meal was delicious and it was a great new experience, and provided us a fun way to consider new ways to approach challenges to drive innovation. We appreciate the planning and support throughout to pull this off successfully!”

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    In this fun business simulation workshop you will:

    • Foster trust
    • Energize your people
    • Experience a new adventure
    • Open up your senses
    • Have an unforgettable meal
    • Give your staff an inspiring experience
    • Awaken a passion for life

    The concept of dining in the dark originated in Europe and since then has traveled the world from restaurants in Asia, Los Angeles, Toronto and beyond. It takes a potentially boring group meal to a whole new level ....an exploration in dining!

    How the program works

    During this pitch black culinary adventure you’ll discover a feast for your senses. This program can be delivered in a number of different environments, venues or locations. We can deliver this program at ANY meal, and can accommodate any type of diet.

    Participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other and share what they are experiencing as they try something that is truly unique. This two hour experience provides an entertaining eating experience, it also distinguishes how to recreate extraordinary experiences in the future.

    During the meal, the host engages your group and people offer their theories on what they are tasting. Some try to be civilized, others simply use their hands to seek out new food on their plates – after all, no one is looking! Sharing with each other exactly what they are experiencing in the moment as they dine adds to the sense of occasion.

    Once the dessert course has been enjoyed, a single candle is lit in the center of the room. It is surprisingly bright and eyes are shielded. Candles are then lit at each table as people inspect the remains of their meal. Exclamations of surprise echo through the room as people look at each other and view the contents of their plates.

    An untouched serving is brought into the room for people to examine. They crowd around and point at the things they had previously identified (rightly or wrongly!)

    In the warm aftermath, tea and or coffee are served and the facilitator/host concludes the dining event with another discussion about how to create extraordinary experiences in both your business and your personal life.

    Dining in the Dark facilitated corporate experience in Vancouver

    How much does this event cost?

    Dining in the Dark is one of our premium entertainment events. Usually done in a hotel setting, the catering is handled by the hotel, and as such, the hotel may waive any room rental fees. Your group size, preferred location and event date all play a role in the pricing, but expect to require an investment in the $150-$200 per person range for this incredibly unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your team will NEVER forget it!

    Your investment includes:

    • Full-service Dining in the Dark event package
    • Complete pre-event communication for operations and logistics
    • Event-day coordination including liaising with venue (we can help you source many hotels, resorts and venues in Vancouver)
    • A delicious meal
    • All materials required to provide a pitch black environment
    • On-site professional Event Leader and friendly Event Hosts
    • Program introduction and post-event wrap up presentation

    Get the entertainment help you need today!

    Contact our team at 1-877-565-8735 or info@vancouverteambuilding.com to discuss what you’re looking for and experience for yourself why people who organize corporate events for the most successful companies in Vancouver trust us with their entertainment needs. Whether you have a large group of 1000 plus, or something much smaller, we can help. And if you require it, all our activities are available in a bilingual format! Need a detailed proposal right away? That's our specialty.

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